The Weird And Wonderful World Of Drains

The drains and sewers are designed to carry away waste water, keeping homes and businesses clean and hygienic.

But sometimes rogue items make their way into the drains which can be a bit of a surprise.

Here’s a brief look at some of the most weird and wonderful items which have been found in drains all over the world.

Bling, bling

Most of us have felt the horror of wondering whether we’ve lost a valuable item down the sink, such as a ring, cufflink or earring. But have you ever thought you’ve managed to flush your watch away?

Yet that must be exactly what happened to one unlucky individual as a watch was found in a drain in a train station in Essex.

But this was no ordinary watch; the fortunate street cleaner spotted an Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph, a high end model of the luxury brand estimated to be worth around £21,000!

It seems that the habit of flushing away watches was contagious as the same street cleaner found a further three watches in other drains in the station, including another Rolex!

Say cheese

Unfortunately not all of the items which make their way into drains are quite so fortuitous for the finder, as dentures are one of the most common things found.

Quite how they make their way into drains is a mystery but one particular utility company noticed it was happening so often they started uploading photos onto their website – presumably so that the owners could come and reclaim them!

On the subject of teeth….

Residents in Telford had a shock recently when they heard that a piranha, the flesh-eating fish, was found in the sewers.

Experts were bemused about how this little critter had made its way through the drains and it was eventually revealed that it was in fact just a Tilapis, a type of fish which is very commonly farmed. Phew!

However, there’s a moral in the story – whatever you flush down the toilet will make its way through the drains, so think twice!

What lies beneath


Outside the UK, there’s often far more sinister things in the drains – and companies such as CC Drainage will probably thank their lucky stars they don’t have to deal with living, breathing reptiles!

In Australia and in the US, there’s been several instances of crocodiles and alligators lurking in the drains.

In 2011, a 14ft beast was found wedged in the pipes in Tampa, Florida which wouldn’t have been much for for the poor workers who discovered it!

What lies in your drain?

Having your drains cleaned regularly can help to prevent blockages and to keep everything moving smoothly. The experts in Liverpool drain cleaning can be found at – the question is, what will they find in your drains?