Matt Bevin

U.S. Senate – Kentucky

2014 Primary Election: May 20th

Madison Project’s Full Endorsement:

As a self-made successful businessman, Matt Bevin understands that the failed leadership in the Republican Party cannot be fixed with the very elements that precipitated its failure.  As a devoted father of nine children, he understands that if we don’t elect bold leaders to change that party, nobody will be able to preserve this Republic for our children.  He also understands that when nobody else is willing to fix the problem, you have to do it yourself.  That’s why Matt Bevin is storming the decaying castle of the GOP establishment on behalf of millions of conservatives.

We are thrilled to get to storm it with him.

If there is one individual who represents GOP establishment, it is Mitch McConnell.  If you want a dictionary definition of the GOP establishment, it is Mitch McConnell.  If you want to know the paradigm of stale, moss-covered leadership, it is Mitch McConnell.  Mitch McConnell emblematizes the rudderless leadership, vacuous core, and duplicitous tendencies of the powers that be within the party. He isn’t just part of the problem. He is the problem in Washington, DC.  In fact, as we write this endorsement, he is pressuring senators not to join the effort to defund Obamacare, despite his carefully scripted anti-Obamacare speeches next to his ‘red tape tower.’

In 2011, McConnell proposed a plan to raise the debt ceiling, which later became known as the “McConnell plan” in DC.  The plan was nothing more than a blank check for Obama to unilaterally raise the debt ceiling.  But it provided Congress with the opportunity to override the president’s decision….with a 2/3 majority – a political impossibility.  Hence, McConnell wanted to wash his hands of leading the fight against the debt ceiling, but desired to retain his political cover through the hollow motion of rejecting the increase.

The “McConnell plan” exemplifies Mitch McConnell in his role as senator and as a party leader.  Unlike John Boehner, who, for better or worse, is willing to stand before his conference and openly advocate for capitulations, McConnell never wants his fingerprints on the deal-making, even though he so badly desires them.  Many conservatives are outraged at Boehner over the 2011 debt ceiling deal and the 2013 tax hikes/stimulus bill, but both of those deals were crafted by Mitch McConnell together with Joe Biden.

More recently, Mitch McConnell quietly encouraged Marco Rubio to join the Gang of 8 to ensure that the amnesty bill would pass, albeit without his public support.  Despite the fact that this was the most onerous bill to come to the floor since Obamacare, and despite his status as GOP leader, McConnell failed to deliver a single floor speech against the bill, and even remained [publicly] “undecided” until the end.  He knew that his leadership would have scuttled this bill, but he desired to pass it without personally suffering the consequences from his constituents back home.

Just this past month, McConnell capitulated to Reid and Obama on passing through radical executive nominees.  It was so embarrassing that even the liberal media felt bad for Republicans.  McConnell, of course, voted against the nominees, and when the press started ridiculing the deal McConnell said he could have gotten a better deal.

The only problem is, as noted by Senators Graham and Corker, McConnell knew about the deal the entire time.

For years, McConnell has been undermining conservatives in the Senate, even as he evinces the image of a conservative warrior to his constituents.  Whenever there is a low-hanging political issue to hit, McConnell is eager to run before a microphone and feign outrage, even when he can’t contribute anything more to the debate.  But when some of the most consequential odious pieces of legislation come before the Senate, he is silent or quietly pushing for it.

Several years ago, Jim DeMint was next in line to get a seat on the powerful Senate Finance Committee.  But when a vacancy occurred, McConnell recruited another senator who wasn’t even lobbying for the position, just because he had an ounce more of seniority.  When Ron Johnson, a moderately conservative member who could have served as a solid bridge between the Tea Party and the establishment, ran unopposed for the measly 5th ranking leadership position, McConnell recruited Roy Blunt to run against him, even though Blunt never sought the job.

Mitch McConnell is ubiquitously popular with the GOP establishment inside the beltway, who admires his “clever” skills at elusively ducking tough issues while projecting an image as a strong conservative.  But conservatives in Kentucky are neither amused nor impressed by this duplicity.  And one Kentuckian, Matt Bevin, is willing to face down the most truculent opposition research team, risking fame and fortune, to put an end to the McConnell mendacity.

When we first sat down with Matt Bevin at the beginning of the year, we were skeptical that a political neophyte could take on such an arduous task.  But that preconceived notion changed within five minutes of meeting him.  His resolve, core beliefs and charisma convinced us that he was the right man to offer the much-needed bold contrast from the palest of pastels in the Senate.

Matt Bevin grew up in an eight-person family in a small farmhouse with no central heating near the foothills of the White Mountains.  He took the conservative values of his Christian faith, family, and community that his parents imbued in him, and achieved the American Dream.  After serving 4 years as an Army officer, Bevin embarked on a career as an investment consultant.  His sharp mind and drive for success allowed him to quickly climb the ladder of success in the business world.

In the late 90’s he became the director of institutional marketing at National Asset Management Co. in Louisville.  In 2003 and 2004, he started his own investment management companies, Integrity Asset Management and Veracity Funds.  After several years of hard work, Integrity became one of Kentucky’s largest asset management companies, with $1.8 billion in assets and many jobs created in the Louisville area.  He was named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2009.

Unlike the leftists who desire to use government to redistribute wealth, Bevin has used his God-given success for an array of private charitable endeavors.   This list, which is too long to enumerate, includes establishing educational scholarships, mission work, building schools and orphanages for the impoverished overseas, and chairing the local chapter of Red Cross.  Several years ago, Bevin adopted four children from Ethiopia, and has been involved in charitable work there for years.  When we first contacted him, he was on a mission helping to improve security in Ethiopian orphanages.

Like many Americans, Matt has suffered his share of tragedies along with his successes.  In 2003, his oldest daughter, who wanted to work as a missionary, died in a car crash.  Last year, his family bell business, which he took over from his uncle in 2011, burned down to the ground in a spontaneous fire, burying with it 180 years of history and treasures.  Undaunted by tragedy, Bevin said, “The American way is that you get back up again.  Bevins have been making bells on the land we’re standing on for 180 years and I’m a Bevin. I’m standing here and I’m going to make bells here.”  After personally turning around the failing company just one year earlier, Bevin spent his own fortune to rebuild the factory and retain payroll.  Sadly, McConnell has used the millions collected from his rich buddies on Wall Street and K Street lobbyists in DC to launch a personal attack against Matt for turning a company around and creating jobs.

At the age of 46, Bevin has accomplished more in private life than the career politicians like Mitch McConnell.  Needless to say, he is solid on all conservative issues, but it is his core beliefs and life experiences that make him eminently more qualified to serve as a senator from Kentucky than Mitch McConnell, even without careful scrutiny of McConnell’s 27 years of voting and organizing for big government.

Matt Bevin represents that future of conservative free market populism packaged in a man who can relate to younger voters.  He also has the life experience to stay strong in the Senate.  When we spoke with him about the budget negotiations and the amnesty bill, Bevin noted that in business it’s always the losing party that is frenetically offering the compromises.

Matt Bevin is willing to undertake the daunting challenge of taking on the GOP Establishment.  He is willing to expose himself to the most vicious campaign smears because nobody else is actually doing anything to change the leadership of the party.

That is why The Madison Project is honored to endorse Matt Bevin and introduce him to fellow conservatives who so badly desire a Republican Party that represents our values.

If one man is willing to risk his reputation to change the face of failed leadership it behooves all those liberty-living patriots to follow this man’s charge.